WIAD presents:

A virtual, interdisciplinary exhibition featuring work by female and non-binary students and faculty at WashU.
Participating Artists:
Alexandra Mei
Caroline Denk
Cheryl Wassenaar
Emily Rupright
Erin Lewis
Lauren McGinnis
Leah Witheiler
Leslie Liu
Liujie Lu
Madison Dugar
Meera Bharat
Mia Talkovsky
Natalie Snyder
Nema Swareh
Odette James
Olga Sobkiv
Ruchi D Naidu
Shreyas R Krishnan
Shuying Wu
Stephanie Schlaifer
Tatianna Capko
Xiaowen Ma
Yuwei Yang
WIAD (Women in Architecture and Design) is an undergraduate group at Washington University in St. Louis whose focus is on advocating for diversity in the Design and Architecture fields. WIAD is a great way to start discussions about things that need to change in the Design fields, and a wonderful networking opportunity that allows you to learn directly from faculty, firms and each other. Specifically, our objectives are:
(1) To inform young women, students, faculty, administration and the public in general of the qualifications and achievements of women architects and designers and the opportunities open to them.
(2) Aid Architecture and Design students in professional development at all levels through the organization of lectures, networking and mentorship within the field of architecture and design.
(3) Increase equality and raise awareness of bias and inclusion within the Sam Fox school.
(4) Act as an intermediary between Architecture and Design students and the Sam Fox administration to promote an environment of equality and respect within the Sam Fox school.
(5) To encourage women Architecture and Design students to attain high levels of educational and professional achievement.
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